“NGL Understands and proactively serves the Customer’s Journey END to END”

NGL shares its best practices and understanding of emerging trends in all its logistics services. Our customers are “Our Partners”, not projects, and matching their demand to our services goes far beyond reducing total cost of logistics. Moving items on time with economical pricing is not only our prime goal but to also segment our customers and their products providing their supply chains with maximum value at the lowest possible cost while securing proactive customer services. We create a partnership-type relationship with every customer to ensure success within our logistics operations and services. NGL is hard-wired to approach challenges and develop solutions from a customer’s perspective and share the urgency of customers who expect more than the status quo.

Service 1Trucking

Our high safety standards, experienced truck drivers and commitment to excellent services make us one of the most reliable freight services in the USA. Our GPS enabled fleets/chassis/dry van trailers provide the real time tracking services.

The variety of trucking services allows you to select the carrier and transit time desired for each shipment. Our expert team will proactively track, communicate, and resolve every issue every step of the way. The entire trucking services are designed to provide the most efficient use of resources with the best possible output with dedicated capacity and equipment tailored to your needs.

NGL operates in three (3) segments to serve different and specific customer needs based on load type and weight. Our commercial trucking can haul services covering a wide variety of special loads.


NGL pulls out containers from main harbor ports and railroad terminals and deliver them to the customer’s destination. We transport your cargo from shipping port to final docking point while supplying fast loading and unloading times with affordable rates, on time delivery, and professional customer service. We carefully watch federal regulations and policies in order to provide the smoothest transportation experience for all of our drayage customers. Whether it is a long distance move or a short distance move, we carry out transfers and strive to uphold the integrity of our Drayage services.

Our drayage fleet is fully compliant with the Southern California ports Clean Truck Program.  For importers, we blend our drayage services with our warehouse and transportation services to provide ONE STOP logistics solution.

Our drayage services meet US D.O.T and its standards operate under F.M.C.S.A. guidelines.

Services Include

  • • Interchange with Shipping Lines and Railroads
  • • Intermodal Carrier & Drayage Services
  • • Trans-loading, Off-load, and Reload
  • • Container Stuffing & Stripping
  • • Real time tracking with GPS enabled equipment
  • • Chassis flip service covering the fully loaded container
  • • Yard Storage & Handling
  • • Import & Export Services


Dry van & Less than a truckload (LTL) service are available for coast-to- coast & door-to- door when the situation calls. Our services available include:

  • • Van trailers
  • • Refrigerated
  • • Flatbed
  • • RGN's
  • • Auto Transport


We will transport a diverse range of freight, from general cargo, which may be palletized and non-palletized cartons to oversized cargo and hazardous goods. Depending on your requirements we can customize our communication and information flows by establishing an in-house designated customer contact or EDI interface for direct order entry, shipment processing, tracking and statistics.

For less than a full trailer load, we offer groupage services between major cities in the United States as follows:

  • • Frequent and regular road services to and from major cities in the U.S.A
  • • Space sharing within a trailer for multi-customer goods consolidation
  • • Scheduled departures and deliveries with routing visibility
  • • Highly reliable door-to- door transit times
  • • General cargo can be both palletized and non-palletized
  • • Different delivery options available upon request on selected routes
  • • Delivery with economical usage-based costing

NGL’s express trucking services are an expedited service. This service is a rapid on-time delivery without compromising quality service through our specialized equipment, highly trained and professional drivers and staff, and avant-garde operating technology. We offer a full range of vehicles catering to size and freight of shipment and match customer’s needs with best value and service.
We will handle sensitive shipments and recognize handling all shipments properly. Our express trucking services goes all the way to promptness in delivery to full customer satisfaction.

Service 2Heavy, Oversize & Hazmat

NGL will handle everything from start to finish, including special permits, escorting, trans-loading logistics coordination to transport your freight. We will determine the shortest route from the origin to the destination and give extreme attention to detail when it comes to overweight shipments, specialized shipments, and over- dimensional shipments as well as hazard materials. Our up-to- date fleet of trucks and floating equipment are available to make optimized routes seamless with experienced and professional drivers.


We will handle and transport any heavy haul to any destination arriving in a safe, secure and expedited timely way including coordinating freight between warehouses, plants, and ports. Our timely deliveries and crucial safety measures make NGL one of the top heavy and oversize haulers in the nation. Our services are 100% worry free and carried out with top of the class management.

  • • Equipments such as a crane, bulldozer, rock truck, tractor and excavator with a highly efficient team will recognize special considerations and work with them.
  • • Manage heavy haul details/needs with top handler for up to 80,000 lbs
  • • Protect shipment by using carriers with the necessary straps, tarps, binders and chains
  • • Prepare and execute paperwork for a smooth shipment
  • • Gather all necessary permits and plan the most optimized routes
  • • Planning process of the oversized shipment and coordinate shipment in a safe and precise order


NGL will minimize the hazards of transporting your chemical and hazardous materials by providing reliable and environmentally sound transportation. All hazardous shipments are handled with strict compliance and adherence to transportation regulations for liability, legal, financial, and public relations protection.

  • • The shipping process of non-regulated and regulated hazardous materials is documented from point to point
  • • NGL staff is experienced and well trained in managing hazardous materials transport
  • • NGL drivers have Hazmat endorsements in their commercial drivers licenses
  • • NGL customer care service will answer any questions on labeling, packaging and regulatory issues, Mondays thru Fridays, from 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time
  • • All precautionary steps are taken to ensure a safe shipping experience for all Hazard goods and government regulations are strictly followed

Service 3Warehousing & Trans-loading

NGL provides a full range of leading edge warehousing and fulfillment capabilities designed for all industries to reduce logistics, minimize transportation and inventory costs while sharing resources. We have the team with proven track record of success for over 20 years with best-in- class practices and technologies handling every aspect of warehousing development and operations. We scale our service right into the solution by building WMS to assist our customers and offer value added services tailored into our clients’ specific needs.

We accurately track and record inventory and send them a copy of the record so they are able to check off-site other than on site visitations. Our warehousing facility provides short-and long-term storage for all materials received at our docks and is fully secure and monitored by cameras.

Our value adding operation reduces cycle times, overall inventories, lower costs, and most importantly, improve customer service. NGL increases the utility value of goods to have the right products available at the right place in the right time. All products are available when needed and other services with a powerhouse warehouse operations team make warehousing done in an organized and expeditious manner.

  • • Warehouse is a modern and integrated facility with more than 90,000 sf space and 15 docking stations
  • • Provides an economies of scale through efficient operations, storage capacity, and a central location
  • • In & Outbound shipment consolidation, stocking and reloading with pressure controlled equipments
  • • Cross-docking and heavy & oversize cargo handling capacity
  • • One stop operations & communications from drayage via trans-loading & warehousing to delivery
  • • Customized value-added services including labeling and rework for returned products
  • • Total flexibility in picking, packing and shipping enables NGL to optimally store products in cartons, pallet flow racks, dedicated pallet racks or in bulk.
  • • Safety stock & VMI management to maintain a predetermined number of inventory items


Each customer is different.  We will analyze every customer’s product line to determine the storage criteria that will keep your products safe and organized. Safe, secure storage starts with the integrity of the warehouse premises.

Analyze Product Line

We will study your unique requirements of our customers and designate storage spaces to match their needs.

Develop Storage Criteria

We offer bulk storage, racked storage, specific shelving options, product segregation, configuration for velocity management, pick lane design and any other criteria needed to ensure safe and secure product storage.

  • Product Care
  • • Bulk Storage
  • • Racked or Shelved Storage
  • • Product Segregation
  • • Inventory Consolidation
  • • Highly secure with 24/7 guard service
  • • Real-time video surveillance
  • • Secured caged area for high value items


From storing, packing, picking, labeling, NGL assures a synchronous logistics based on vendor inventory management. We cross dock and warehouse dedicated to specific sector requirements with distribution centers. NGL utilizes a Warehouse Management System which can bog down operations with unnecessary requirements—or too simple, requiring additional manual processes to overcome deficiencies.

With our vendor compliance programs, we use Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) to notify receivers in advance, letting them know that we are shipping a specific purchase order, and giving an expected arrival time. And after sales and reverse, we take care of transport collection, consolidation and return, and other client related services such as customer management.

We leverage our warehouse space with equipment and qualified labor resources to care for your product with consistent Warehouse Management System.

  • Receiving
  • • Sortation upon Receiving
  • • Inbound Quality Inspection
  • • Active Put-Away to locations
  • • Full Barcode Integration to WMS
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • • Pick order to client specifications
  • • Pack to specifications and for safe travel
  • • Shipping documents and labels